Trioche disegno di Enrica Pizzicori

Music as you never imagined it before!

We have used this motto to create the shows we have taken around the world.

Now we want to go to the places music never reaches.
Sounds good…but what does it mean exactly?

Over the years Trioche Company has enjoyed mixing classical music with rock, popular music with lirical opera, and this has been done through clowns; using all the resultant irreverence and emotion thus created.

A clown wondering between opposites and differences of all kinds; and who goes straight to the heart of his listeners with a simple message. A thought, a smile, which demonstrate our way of making music by living it and sharing it with the public.

Since our debut with “Meglio Tarde Che Mai” in 2007 and “Troppe Arie” in 2013 we have been lucky enough to perform in some of the best festivals and theatres in Europe.

In 2016 we debuted with “Opera Guitta”, created with the intent of bringing opera into non traditional settings such as squares, courtyards and roads. Playing Verdi, Mozart, Rossini in places the public would never have imagined finding them has been a revelation for the musicians; magic creating joy and empathy with listeners, a surprise impossible to create in a theatre.

In 2017 we decided to go further and reach out to hospitals, prisons and to the town outskirts, convinced of the powerfull strength of music to educate, break through barriers and lift the spirits of less fortunate people.

For this reason we want to put our experience at the disposal of those operating in these fields, knowing that our art can bring emotion, unity and go beyond borders.