An old Aunt, with a glorious past in the field of lyrical music, performs in theatres around the world with her nephew,a budding talent. So are they a duo?

No because they are accompanied by Norma the Aunts young carer, who overwhelms them with her passion for lyrical music forcing them to abandon their classical repertoire.

The most famous operatic arias are interpreted in a most amusing and bizzare fashion; accompanied by a piano, a flute and by the thousands of objects Norma finds to play on.

With classical music, virtuosity, rhythm games and gags, Troppe Arie holds the audience spellbound without the aid of the spoken word; interacting through a universally recognisable code where the most famous arias and pieces of classical music are rearranged , and desecrated, in an extremely original way.

From an idea by Rita Pelusio.
Written by Trio Trioche, Luca Domenicali and Rita Pelusio.
Directed by Rita Pelusio.
Produced by PEM Habitat Teatrali and Trio Trioche.