Music and theatre for care home residents


“UnaFurtivaNota” is a project created by Mediafriends and Fondazione Don Gnocchi to consolidate the bond between the arts and caring, educational and therapeutic activities in some of the Fondazione Don Gnocchi care homes.

The “Opera Guitta” show is at the centre of the project, an artistic experiment which unites lyric opera, clowning and theatre in as simple and direct a way as possible.

Three street actors who bring arias from opera out of the theatre and into the street, where they aren’t usually to be found. Three multifaceted street actors mixing opera, theatre and clowning.

Street actors take their operatic arias into the street, we are theatrical artists who want to bring opera down from the stage and take it to those places it doesn’t usually reach, to those who for some reason no longer go , or have not yet been to the theatre. We believe that there is something about opera which can touch people profoundly, emotionally, which can make people dream and remember, it is a cure. We are artists and our way of curing is by making emotions come alive.