Theatre for Schools

Catalunya Tournee - March 2018

Spettacoli per le scuole

In March 2018 the Trioche Company was chosen by the DiputaciĆ² de Barcelona for a series of performances and meetings with students as part of their Anem al Teatre program.

The Anem al Teatre program , organized by the DiputaciĆ² de Barcelona in collaboration with local councils , offers shows featuring stage and musical arts to students from infant, primary, secondary and senior schools. With 22 years of experience and 80,000 spectators a year in the counties of Anem al Teatre.

The program distinguishes itself for the artistic and educational quality of its performances. A panel of experts select the stage and musical proposals most suitable for each age group, each of which has their own educational guide.

The Trioche company supplied teachers with the scores of some simple catchy operas. In this way the pupils became familiar with them in the classroom before seeing the performance in the theatre.This educational material together with the actual performance provides a basis for discussion between students and performers after the show.