Concert artists Ada and Elsa, with a glorious past behind them, return to the stage after a long absence.

Their movements are a little rusty and they are a shade deaf, but their hands are still perfect: just as agile as in the past, they fly over the instruments giving life to a kaleidoscope of classic and modern pieces skillfully played on piano and flute. Like the old engine on a custom built car, after a hiccuppy start the two old ladies really get going and between a sip here and there, much teasing, a few arguments and some improbable dance steps, they give life to the funniest, most disjointed and compelling classical music concert ever heard.

The result is an extremely funny clownesque game with very few words, unheard of sounds alternated with perfectly executed classical arias which act as a backdrop for animated figures, surreal gags and magic tricks.


Written by Rita Pelusio, Franca Pampaloni and Luz Pierotto
Directed by Rita Pelusio
Produced by PEM Habitat Teatrali, Franca Pampaloni and Luz Pierotto