“ Albina left the Duchy of Parma to follow Savoiardi, she performed as a bearded lady but had a superlative soprano voice.
Urbano had spent a lifetime walking around France playing the flute beautifully, but without a penny in his pocket.
I, Caterina, was a dancer when I met them but really I was only waiting for someone to invent the accordian.

Then one day, in a theatre, we discovered melodrama! The next morning we sold the animals and returned to being acrobats and travelling musicians.
We try to make opera a bit slapstick and take it around the world together with our props consisting of juggling instruments, sponge hearts full of raspberry jam, tap shoes and the cage of bears we never managed to sell…”


Written and directed by Antonio Vergamini.
Produced by Associazione Longuel and Trio Trioche.
Coproduced by Mirabilia Festival and Spazio Circo Bergamo.
In collaboration with Théâtre de Colombier (Switzerland)